Daddy and I aren’t really Daddy and little girl right now, and haven’t been for a few months. Things have been rough, stressful, taxing, whatever you want to call it, between work and other things going on. It’s caused a rift to develop in a deep-seated part of me that’s causing a lot of emotional turmoil and pain on my part. 

We’ve talked about it and decided that it will come when it comes and there’s no use in forcing it. 

I’m just a sad, pouty, hurty little girl right now. 

On a good note, I purchased the Fairy Pocket Massager today:

It’s supposed to be a powerful little vibe that rivals the Hitachi, and, best part, it’s rechargable. I’m super excited for it to come, particularly since I’m the type of girl who really, really likes that deep buzzy kind of vibrator. 

I also ordered this pretty little thing:

I’m hoping Daddy likes it. I think it’s cute as can be. :)